18 thoughts on “Day 29: The book of Ezekiel in the Bible

  1. Hearts are hardened, idolatry & injustice are everywhere, God chooses to abandon the temple because things are so bad and he is so holy. Makes you wonder how close our society is to that same type of destruction. Makes me thankful we have HOPE!


  2. Two parts done! E must have been quite a preacher. Can’t imagine lying on my side for 390 days! That’s quite an attention getter, but they still didn’t listen.


  3. All his life Ezekiel prepared to be a priest, but God made him a prophet who had visions that continue to speak to us of God’s justice and final defeat of evil. God’s restorative and redemptive plan bring us hope and a future.


  4. Can you imagine what it would be like to see God’s temple on wheels? What a vision! I wonder if Ezekiel’s training as a priest helped him identify God. This image wasn’t as simplistic as some from other books.


  5. Idolatry and social injustice incur God’s judgement, but there is hope. God’s spirit can soften hard hearts and pave the way to a new world with new citizens who are full of love and social justice.


  6. I thank the Lord for my abilities, thinking in pictures being one of them. I usually really like it and appreciate it.
    That being said, I will try to keep redirecting my visuals from poo fires and reanimating dead bones and see the movie being played of the life giving river flowing fromYou to repopulate the land with beauty.
    God’s sweet love, hope, and grace are awesome!
    Jenny D.


  7. I am in awe that after God revealed to E. what he was to do and that the Israelites WOULD NOT LISTEN, he obeyed God and did what he was told to do. I struggle with obedience even without knowing the outcome (and hoping for the best). How amazing. Obedience is a word that keeps coming up to my husband and I as we listen to each book.


  8. -Ezekiel was a priest & Prophet but God had him performing scenes like a thesbian. We never know what God may ask us to do.
    -hearts of stone made into new hearts…this transformation is my hope today for all who don’t know Him.


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