18 thoughts on “Day 35: The book of Malachi in the Bible

  1. The people are pretty bold questioning God when they break the rules.
    Lord, thank You for the people who continue to follow and love You! Thank You for the inspiration! I pray that all hardness in hearts be softened and turned towards You!

    Jenny D


  2. Take-away: There is huge value in remembering how God provides and loves us. It was so important, that it got written down and put into scrolls. Why such value? I think, for me, it helps when there are seasons where I feel God is far away or when I am focused on a single need/want and forget that God provides for me. Just as we take communion to remember what Jesus did for us, I should write down ways he provides for me every day to look back on and remember who God is.


  3. -Exposure and confrontation from God is His attempt to draw us closer to Him. The display of blatant disputes with God is a hard reminder of what we are capable of.
    -Rejoicing that there is always a remnant of true believers.


  4. God continued to speak to his people, confronting their sin, revealing how to turn back to him but he knew this would never be enough. He provided hope for a new covenant, a Messianic king who would bring his people back to him and bring justice to our world.
    Thanking God for his good plan for my salvation and righteousness before him.


  5. Fell another day behind but getting caught up today. Another great example in the story of history continually repeating itself. Many of the things in the story seem to hold true today and how we continue to work against God.


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