18 thoughts on “Day 36: The book of 1&2 Chronicles in the Bible

  1. When I woke up this morning I was thinking I need to review my “Why”. So, I was super excited to see we’ve finished the last books. Now, on to the finish! I can do it! It has been worth the time and effort to hang with this every day. It’s made me open my Bible and look at a few books I’ve never paid attention to before. Thanks again for this challenge, Team D.


    • Nicely done Cindy! I agree that this study has been worth the time. I have enjoyed getting some history on parts of the Bible that I have found boring and gory. Yes, THANK YOU Team D!


  2. The statement made in the video sums it up best “the past is a source of hope for the future”. Reading all the Old Testament books has been a beautiful lesson & hope.
    Thank you for this resource Team DeBrosse 👏👏👏


  3. I didn’t know the book of Chronicles is the last book in the Hebrew writings. It helps me to know the importance of tracing the line of both King David and Aaron the priest as it points to Jesus- our Messiah, our hope, our king, our priest, our brother, our redeemer, our righteousness, the One and Only Lamb of God.


  4. So many things stuck out it what seemed like a short video. The fact that we read chronicles as a “repeat” but really it was a summary so they could know the past and have hope for the future. If we documented all the God has done in our lives and passed that on to our children, who then did the same for their children, it creates a legacy of seeing how God is faithful. It’s a spiritual heritage. Even though everyone needs to have their own relationship with Jesus, how impactful would it be to grow up knowing you were part of a family who has trusted in God for generations. Personally, I cherish old bibles or notes from generations before me – when they wrote about how life was good, but even more about when they were struggling and crying out to God. We know the ending with Jesus thankfully. It really is amazing how he works through all of time and all people to draw us to himself.

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  5. Ha. Wanna know what really stood out to me. Don’t read forward if you don’t want a bit of worldly reality inserted. I just came off having a ….discussion… with my teenager. Maybe I came into this with, “I need a bit of the Bible. I need a bit of what Jesus says.” The negative stories of David are left out with the positive being portrayed because that is the message that is wanted to be illustrated. She many multiple many various sides to stories. So many shades of gray. Which side is “correct”. I had to erase “right” and insert “correct” because even the word has shades. I am not saying which side of “right” I am on. To many sides and shades.
    At the core. At the heart. People are good. Yes. There is evil yes there are people that do bad. At the core. At the heart people are good. God loves us. God keeps trying and fighting and forgiving and loving and chasing after us. At the core. At the heart. God wants relationship with us. God is our hope. I will continue to have hope and love and forgiveness and grace and whatever else the Holy Spirit gives because that is what God is and has for us.


  6. Take Aways: Looking at the past enables us to look forward to the future with hope and certainty in our God. How easy it is to forget about what he has done or how he has shown up and dwell on what struggles we are in at the moment. Am also so glad to live in a period of time after Jesus’ return. I’d like to think that I would have been an Israelite that listened to the prophets and was hopeful, but hundreds of years without the promised King would be hard for generations to wait for.
    I did have trouble understanding why the stories of David left out the “bad” stuff. There is a lot of info in Chronicles and the way it is written is different.


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