11 thoughts on “BONUS DAY! – The Covenants

  1. Great explanation and summary of repeated covenants God has made with His people. Let us be His partners. Thanks Team D. Really enjoyed this Bonus.


  2. So thankful our covenant is with God who doesn’t break His promises. The clarity these videos bring is like nothing I have ever seen. Loved this❤️


  3. This video showed how God makes covenants with a chosen few people through history. How blessed our we that we can be in covenant relationships with God through Christ.

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  4. Lord what a gift You have given us! Such beauty in the world! (Interesting autocorrect, Such. Equity in the world) Thank You that despite all the evil and ugliness we have chosen to bring into the world, You continue to keep Your promise. You continue to love us and give us grace. On top of those amazing things there is simple beauty. The plants in the same room with me. The beauty of the wood grain. The amazing ways things work. Thank You Lord for Your love, promise, covenant, and blessings. “God promises to be faithful even though He knows humans won’t be.” wow. Thank You! I am soooooooo looking forward to God’s new beginning!
    Jenny D.


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