Day 37: The Book of Mark!


At this point in our journey, we have covered thousands of years worth of the story of God’s relationship with US, His most prized and beloved creation!

Over the past 6 weeks we have toured:

  • The creation of the world & humanity
  • The tragic decision humans made (and still make) to choose independence from the Lord.
  • The immediate action God takes to reconcile His relationship with His beloved creation.
  • The covenant God makes with Abraham to work through Abraham’s family to bless all nations.
  • A long list of imperfect heroes and evil villains God faithfully uses for His divine purpose.
  • The hard hearts of man, warnings of prophets, and hope that rests entirely in a prophesized messiah king who will give us new hearts that are capable of joyful obedience and worship of God alone, and a deep desire for justice and righteousness.

God’s faithfulness and our fallen state are certainly redundant themes, and it is clear humanity is in desperate need of a savior who can reconcile our relationship with our Father/Creator and give us “new hearts”.

We only have a few days left in our bible challenge and we are going to use them to wrap up the EPIC story that is depicted in the Bible.

Today we bring to you Mark’s summary of the LONG AWAITED arrival of our MESSIAH KING… JESUS!!!

Day 37:  The book of MARK!

16 thoughts on “Day 37: The Book of Mark!

  1. Good summary in the post of what we’ve read so far. I was actually wondering if you have the order listed somewhere so we can go back and watch them in this order again. I’d like to take my kids through this journey. We can “just dive right in” together.


  2. Isn’t reading Mark like a breath of fresh air after all the gloom and doom of the prophets? Finally, our hope has arrived, our savior has come!


  3. My wife had just read the book of Mark in her Bible study, so it was nice to get a better understanding of some of the things that she was referencing.


  4. Wow. I’m still processing that the “Go and tell the Good news” portion of the book was likely a later add-on. I had not realized that. So powerful to think about that we have a choice as well on how we will react to the Good News.


  5. I never realized that Paul and Peter influenced Mark as he wrote his account. I thought Paul came later on the timeline than the others. I never realized that a Roman soldier was the first to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. I have read that before but it didn’t dawn on me that he was the very first. One heart turned to believe in Jesus and the beginning of the good news. And yes, I was very glad to have good news after being in the Old Testament for the last few weeks.


  6. Things that stood out:

    -Jesus message = good news Gods kingdom is near (confronts evil and invitation to live under his kingdom)
    -kingdom not what you expect
    -messiah not victorious worldly king (prideful) but suffering servant (humble)
    -Jesus fulfills passover meaning
    -First person to recognize suffering servant as son of God is roman soldier
    -abrupt shocking ending “he is risen”!…


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