Day 38: The book of Acts (part 1) in the Bible


THE Messiah King arrived.   He was rejected and scorned as the prophets predicted, crucified on Passover by the people He was sent to redeem, and yet He never waivers on His mission to offer His life as the sacrifice needed to bring all of humanity into a right relationship with the Lord.

So… what’s next?  How does God’s covenant promise to bring hope and healing to ALL Nations ever going to happen?

We bring you the next crucial part of the EPIC STORY of the Bible…

Day 38: The book of Acts part 1

14 thoughts on “Day 38: The book of Acts (part 1) in the Bible

  1. Woohoo! Here we go…powered by the Holy Spirit. Our physical body will now be a temple for Gods presence to dwell. That is amazing…Praise God whose ways & thoughts are higher🙌


  2. A great picture of the people being the ‘New temple’…let the spirit dwell within; and acting generously. All the things God had wanted…


  3. Things that stand out:

    -Jesus fullfills prophetic hope of Holy Spirit on pentecost celebration!
    -Israel being reunified under the messianic king,
    -God continues to make “good out of bad” and the Suffering martyr leads to good news of Jesus being spread across the world!


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