17 thoughts on “Day 39: The book of Acts (part 2)

  1. Team D, would you remind us again how long this challenge lasts? I’m trying to figure out how to make this all work when I’m “off the grid” for a couple days.

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    • Today and Friday are our last days 🙂

      We will then have our exciting lottery for all thise that completed the challenge over the weekend…

      Then, for those interested in going deeper and climbing a spiritual mountain of sorts – we will embarking on a journey to “read the bible in a year” starting Monday! More details to come!


  2. I love how Crossroads emphasizes the Word and action, is a diverse community where we are all equals, and our leaders are guided by the Holy Spirit. The Book of Acts in action!


  3. It is interesting that both Jesus and Paul weren’t found guilty crimes by the rulers of their day. The religious leaders were afraid of these two men and pushed for punishment.


  4. Satan thought he had won the battle when Jesus died. But this was God’s plan for my redemption and restoration all the time. I am a follower of Jesus today because the Spirit filled a small group of men and women over 2000 years ago and they boldly proclaimed Jesus in the midst of severe persecution. It is this same Spirit that lives in me today, and it is in Him that I live, and move, and have my being.


  5. I’m so inspired by Paul’s life. So thankful to be part of a body of believers that are counter culture like Paul. Holy Spirit help me live like a world changer in my community and continue the efforts of those who came before us.


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