Day 40: The book of Revelation (part 1) in the Bible

“Stuck in the middle with you… ”

So now, here we are… Feb 15, 2018.

We are currently living within this epic story.  Today, in this part of the story,  we are living in a sweet era in which we have personal access to the Holy Spirit, and can seek to be transformed by the renewing of our hearts and minds through our surrender to our good King.

We have been called to a life of freedom, adventure, justice, and sacrificial love.

And we have been given a job to do!

The Lord has called us to spread the gospel of who Jesus is, what He accomplished, and the hope, healing, and eternal freedom we have access to through Him.

However, the final chapter of this EPIC story is yet to be completed. The Kingdom of God is here now AND is not yet…

Only ONE book remains- REVELATION!

Day 40: Revelation – part 1

15 thoughts on “Day 40: The book of Revelation (part 1) in the Bible

  1. So much of Revelation is rooted in the OT. Good thing we have those books under our belt. I spent a year in Bible Study Fellowship studying this book and I’m still not sure which of the four main views I think is right. Bottom line, though, is that God is in control!


  2. This provides great explanations for the symbolism in Revelation. I’ll need to watch this another time to digest the content. My takeaway is that the church is to imitate the loving sacrifice of the lamb. There is so much division in the church today. Only God’s mercy will unify His people.


  3. My mind is blown at the symbolism and detail of this book and the whole story of the bible. I think I could watch this 100 times and still be blown away.

    “God’s kingdom will be revealed when the nations see the church imitating the loving sacrifice of the Lamb, not killing their enemies but dying for them. It is God’s mercy shown through Jesus’ followers that will bring the nations to repentance.”

    We’re called to be mercy-givers, not killing their enemies but literally loving them to death.

    this bible and this story just never gets old 🙂

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  4. Hi everyone,

    To follow up on a great question from yesterday…. Here is the plan:

    Today and Friday are our last days of the Bible video Challenge 🙂

    We will then have our exciting lottery for all those that completed the challenge over the weekend…

    Then, for those interested in going deeper and climbing a spiritual mountain of sorts – we will embarking on a journey to “read the bible in a year” starting Monday!

    More details to come!

    But for now, pray to see if God is calling you into a deeper journey into his character, story and heart for us with “reading the bible in a year” and get ready by downloading the “read scripture app” from the iphone/google app store for the reading plan (pulled together by the bible project team who did all these videos)!


  5. Ha! For whatever reason I am reminded of my beginnings. No church. Start going in jr high. First bible study is with a sweet woman doing her best with a small group of teen girls. Yep. Revelation. All I can say is thank You Lord for continuing to have love and grace for me even though I don’t necessarily always go about things the “right” way.
    Also, I enjoy the inputs of humor here and there. “Eat this and prophesy. Okayyy…”
    Also, took me this long to realize no s on the end of Revelation….details much?
    Yes there is so much deeper stuff in here. Too much for my brain to wrap around in a short amount of time.
    Thank You Lord for Your love of me and all people.

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  6. Whew…lots to chew on(pun intended). Well done Bible Project. Layer upon layer of symbolism and details. I’m praying to be an imitator of Gods mercy to others. Come Lord Jesus and Kingdom of God.

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