Many of us wish we had a more complete understanding of what is in the Bible… especially the Old Testament…

I have spent a lot of time in the New Testament, but the size and depth of the Old Testament often felt too overwhelming to try to take on.    Then, I discovered The Bible Project and was blown away by how solid their content is and how easy it is to digest.  I was also inspired by their mission and desire to make everything they do free for all.

By “following” this blog, you will get a message every day in your email inbox with a link to a video to watch/listen to for the day.  Most of the videos are under 10 minutes!  You can click on “comment” at the bottom of the email to share your thoughts with the group on our blog page. (Even if it’s just to say “got it done!”)

You will have the option of watching a theme video occasionally.  The Bible Project does an amazing job tying together themes we are studying in the Bible, and these videos are simply meant to supplement your studies.

 Here are a few helpful tips:

  1.  Write down your “WHY?”   Why are you doing this?   Why is that reason important to you?  Why?  Don’t skimp on your answer here. Do this well!!  Dig deep and have a well-defined “why” you really believe in!  … Why???    Because you may lose your “why” once waist deep in the Old Testament.   Declare it now, revisit it often, maybe tweak it a little over time, and keep your “why” close during this challenge.
  2. Consider using a journal or your “notes page” on your device to jot down the key events and themes you noticed in each book of the bible.  Kind of like an outline to help you remember where you’ve been so far and keep that in context as you see what’s next.   We are going to move at WARP speed through the Bible, and the goal is NOT to retain every last thing you see, however, this may be a helpful way to build your foundational understanding of the Old Testament
  3. Last tip – Please share your thoughts using the comment section!  It’s WAY more fun to journey knowing we are doing so in a community!                                                AND…..  Please refrain from advise giving comments section.  This is a WIDE group of participants with a very wide range of backgrounds. (YEAH!!!)   Give others the gift of listening without feeling the need to respond.  Trust the Lord is ready, willing and able to provide the needed response in His perfect timing.   If you want to take a discussion offline with someone else you know from our group, please do so via email, in person, etc. If you, yourself have something that’s really eating you up, reach out to someone in your community to hash it out with.  Let’s be sure to journey WITH one another, and not FOR one another.  Sound good?  Great!!   Thanks!


Here’s the deal. It’s totally an honor system, and this carrot is hopefully a helpful tool to keep you IN the game (because this may be harder to complete than you think…)

If you can honestly say at the end of this challenge that you completed it, give me a shout out on the final day and get an “entry” to win $250 (and bragging rights, right?!)   There are no “rules” to how you get it done, as long as you processed all 42 books of the Bible, it counts!

If you’re up for taking on this challenge, click on the “+follow” button on the bottom left corner of the blog page, sign up to follow, and then look for a confirmation email in your inbox. 

The challenge begins January 1st!

Questions or just wanna chat about something?   email us!  babcoc24@hotmail.com

To God be the Glory – GREAT things HE has done!!


🙂 Deanna & Mike