Guideline for Comments

Hey there!

This journey is gonna be quite the adventure, and there will be many things that will stand out to you! 

Please share your thoughts using the comment section!  It’s WAY more fun to journey knowing we are doing so in a community!


Please refrain from responding to comments with advice.  This is a WIDE group of participants with a very wide range of backgrounds. (YEAH!!!)   Give others the gift of listening without feeling the need to advise.  Trust the Lord is ready, willing and able to provide the needed response in His perfect timing.   If you want to take a discussion off line with someone else you know from our group, please do so via email, in person, etc. If you, yourself have something that’s really eating you up and you seriously want a response, reach out to someone in your community to hash it out with.

 Let’s be sure to journey WITH one another, and not FOR one another.  

Sound good?  Great!!