The Game Plan

Are we there yet? 

We will be working through the Old Testament & a small amount of the New Testament in chronological order (for the most part)  Here’s a “road map” to help you see where we’ve been and what’s coming up.  You may want to print this out to use as a checklist at home.

mon 1-Jan Day 1: Genesis
tues 2-Jan Day 2: Exodus
wed 3-Jan Day 3: Leviticus
thurs 4-Jan Day 4: Numbers
fri 5-Jan Day 5: Deuteronomy
sat 6-Jan Day 6: Joshua
sun 7-Jan REST (optional theme video)
mon 8-Jan Day 7: Judges
tues 9-Jan Day 8: Ruth
wed 10-Jan Day 9: 1 Samuel & 2 Samuel
thurs 11-Jan Day 10: 1-2 Kings
fri 12-Jan Day 11: Isaiah part 1
sat 13-Jan Day 12: Isaiah part 2
sun 14-Jan REST (optional theme video)
mon 15-Jan Day 13: Hosea
tues 16-Jan Day 14: Joel
wed 17-Jan Day 15: Amos
thurs 18-Jan Day 16: Obadiah
fri 19-Jan Day 17: Jonah
sat 20-Jan Day 18: Micah
sun 21-Jan REST (optional theme video)
mon 22-Jan Day 29: Nahum
tues 23-Jan Day 20: Habakkuk
wed 24-Jan Day 21: Zephaniah
thurs 25-Jan Day 22: Job
fri 26-Jan Day 23: Psalms
sat 27-Jan Day 24: Proverbs
sun 28-Jan REST (optional theme video)
mon 29-Jan Day 25: Ecclesiastes
tues 30-Jan Day 26: Song of Songs
wed 31-Jan Day 27: Jeremiah
thurs 1-Feb Day 28: Lamentations
fri 2-Feb Day 29: Ezekiel part 1 & 2
sat 3-Feb Day 30: Ezra-Nehemiah
sun 4-Feb REST (optional theme video)
mon 5-Feb Day 31: Esther
tues 6-Feb Day 32: Daniel
wed 7-Feb Day 33: Haggai
thurs 8-Feb Day 34: Zechariah
fri 9-Feb Day 35: Malachi
sat 10-Feb Day 36: 1-2 Chronicles
sun 11-Feb REST (optional theme video)
mon 12-Feb Day 37 Mark
tues 13-Feb Day 38: Acts 1
wed 14-Feb Day 39: Acts 2
thurs 15-Feb Day 40:  Revelation part 1
fri 16-Feb Day 41: Revelation part 2